Dog Boarding vs. Pet Sitting

Milo (Photo credit: wbeem)

Vacation time is right around the corner and you know that your family dog will not be able to accompany you on this particular trip. It’s tough to leave your dog behind, but the tougher decision for many is whether to hire a pet sitter or to place their beloved pooch in a local boarding kennel. While it all comes down to budget and personal preference, it can very much be argued that the pet sitter is the best way to go for your dog. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

When you go with a professional pet sitter, you know exactly how much you are going to pay right off the bat. Kennels will advertise a price, but more often than not it will come with an asterisk beside it. That is because they have all kinds of upgrades that take your dog from imprisoned pet to pampered pooch for a price. The price you see quoted and what you pay can often end up being very different indeed.

Now, let’s imagine for a moment that you have an early flight to catch when leaving on vacation. Most dog boarding locations have very specific, often inconvenient, times when you can drop off and pick up your dog. What often ends up happening is that you have to book an extra day on either side of your vacation, which again adds to the price that you were expecting to pay. A dog sitter will come to your home on the times that you specify, which means you don’t have to adjust your schedule in any way.

Another issue is that you never know how your dog will react when put into a kennel setting with other dogs. Your calm, good-natured pet may become incredibly nervous and unhappy when put into a situation like that. Perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring a pet sitter is that your dog gets to stay in a place where he is comfortable, surrounded by all of his favorite toys and things that make him happy. Not only will your pup be pleased with this, you won’t have to spend your whole vacation worrying about where he is and how he is getting along with all the other animals that he is with.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go away knowing that someone who truly loves dogs will be looking after your pet and giving him all the love and attention he needs to be happy. Plus you get the added benefit of home security, mail retrieval, waste removal, and plant watering. The only downside of a pet sitter may be that your dog will be sad to see them go when you get home after being pampered the whole time.

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