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The competition

Qualified Employees. Not Independent Contractors.

Large and small pet care companies commonly use independent contractors instead of employees. ICs are their own entity and can do things however they want and are able to hire their own staff without permission of the original company. Often times, ICs go uninsured. With employees, we all work toward Affinity’s mission of quality care and are able to provide a consistent experience our clients have come to know and love.

in-house app 
coming soon!

Most pet care companies use outdated software or none at all. Affinity is one of the first to develop a fully customized in-house android and ios app from the ground up. The app is being loaded with new features to create an excellent user experience, so you can be worry-free about your pet.

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Bonding and Insurance


Reliability with other pet care companies is a hit or miss. Especially those who use Independent Contractors. Was your airplane delayed? Do you need to stay someplace longer? Do you need pet care for an extended period of time? No need to worry. We’ve strategically designed our business so that you’ll always have coverage when you need it most.

Speedy quick onboarding 

The process can be a long one with most sitting companies. Long forms are a thing of the past with us. Once your initial schedule has been approved (24 hours or less), a link is sent directly to your inbox to select a time that works best for you. You’re done. Total time spent is less than 5 minutes!