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While cats may be very different animals from dogs and are known to be independent by nature, they benefit more from a human’s companionship than you might think. Our cat sitters are here to give your cat the loving care it deserves while you’re away! We also believe in being transparent. The use of tracking technology is mandatory for all of our cat sitters, so you can be worry-free while you’re away. Your cat couldn’t be in better hands.

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Tailored to your individual cat, we ensure your pet is happy and healthy before leaving your home. Our qualified cat sitters represent and stand by what it means to be an Affinity sitter.

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We don't think great pet care exists without a good app! Our app is specifically designed to give you peace of mind when away from your cat. Easy access to pet reports is just one of many features.


We started Affinity with reliability and consistency of experience being our focal point. You'll never have to constantly search for a trustworthy cat sitter again. Our team is here for you and your cat.


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